Why Choose Us?

Find out why you should choose us compared to other accoutants.

Here are some of the reasons why you should join us:

  1. All inclusive monthly service
  2. Unlimited access to your own accountant
  3. Value for money offer to small businesses
  4. Accountancy and tax service provider experienced in specialist and technical business sectors.
  5. Team of qualified staff, with a range of experience and professional background
  6. Free initial meeting
  7. We can help you:
    • Set up a new Company or LLP
    • Register with HMRC
    • Set up a Payroll Scheme
    • Register for VAT
    • Open a Business Bank account
    • Provide you with a free bookkeeping software and tuition

Listed below are details of some of our services:

Preparation of end of year accounts

  1. Prepare bank account reconciliation for all business bank accounts.
  2. Prepare an analysis of key accounts and review expenses
  3. Review expense items and ensure business expenses are fully claimed
  4. Produce a set of draft Accounts for review
  5. Compute Corporation Tax and calculate tax payable and notify you the amount and date for payment.
  6. Finalise Accounts, prepare Corporation Tax Returns for HM Revenue and Customs and Abbreviated Accounts for Companies House if applicable.
  7. Send the final documents for signature and ensure filing with HMRC and Companies House in good time.

Payroll processing

  1. Obtain P45 details, prepare and if applicable submit P46.
  2. Obtain details to calculate gross salary, tax and NI amounts. Inform you on the amount due to HMRC.
  3. For contractors quarterly payroll: monthly summary will be prepared with advice of amount of payment to HMRC and detail gross to net pay for each employee
  4. Prepare and submit end of year P35’s and P14’s to HMRC.
  5. Process end of year P60 for your records and your employees.
  6. Process and maintain standing data including tax codes, new employees and leavers.
  7. Liaise with HMRC on any payroll notices issued by them
  8. Maintain HMRC payslip booklets and provide support and advice on their completion.
  9. For Companies, we prepare P11d based on information collected from you and submit to HMRC. We will also calculate the tax due and advise you of any payment to HMRC

Dividend administration

  1. Advise you on the level of dividends available and associated corporation tax liability due on dividends extracted.

HMRC and Companies House liaison

  1. HMRC and Companies House enquiries will be dealt with on your behalf as your agents.

VAT returns

  1. Ensure your business adheres to quarterly VAT Returns reporting.
  2. Advice on VAT registration and deregistration, including VAT Flat Rate scheme available to you.
  3. Complete quarterly VAT returns.
  4. Review the completed VAT spreadsheet for accuracy and completeness.
  5. Offer you ongoing advice on VAT matters including change in legislation.
  6. Assist you in dealing with HMRC enquiries including compliance visits.

Annual Return

  1. Prepare Annual Returns for yourself and your business.

Personal Tax

  1. Obtain information to complete self assessment tax returns on a timely basis
  2. Prepare and submit your annual personal tax returns.
  3. Calculate income tax due together with payments on account and advise you of payment dates.

Free bookkeeping software

  1. We will provide you with our easy to use bookkeeping template, once completed you will simply need to forward it to us for review.

As we said earlier you could do all this yourself but why would you?

If you have any questions about contracting or would like any further advice about setting up a new business please contact us.

So, you will never have to worry about setting up your business and making it compliant.

Our all inclusive monthly service from £90 per month plus VAT.

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