Business Services For Doctors

We have been providing a range of accountancy, taxation and business services advice to GPs for over 10 years.

Here are some of the services we provide:


  • Preparation of the practice accounts promptly and with minimum disruption. We will prepare the accounts in a suitable format and meet with your partners and work though the accounts until you have an understanding of the contents.


  • We will prepare the income tax computation for the practice as a whole and for each individual partner who instructs us to do so. These tax returns will then be submitted to HMRC via the internet. We will keep you informed of your tax liabilities and when the payments on account need to be made.
  • We can help GP practices who have multidisciplinary practices to manage their VAT position by providing VAT consultancy advice and preparing VAT returns each quarter.
  • Prompt preparation of superannuation certificates
  • Pension planning for GPs and staff


  • Many practice managers are able to prepare the staff payroll each month without many problems. We understand, however, that practice managers do work under pressure and that the payroll can be a burden which they can do without. We can act as a payroll bureau for the practice and deal with all the payroll administration, including NHS pensions.

Practice management

  • We have helped a number of GP practices with the management of their practices by providing back office support to practice managers and single- handed GPs.
  • We have also been involved with the management of multi-occupancy health centres
  • Some of the practice management tasks we have performed are:
  • Patent records management – paper and electronic
  • Recruitment and training of practice staff
  • Managing tenancies including leases, invoicing for rent, service charges and supplier relationships
  • Working jointly with each PCT and client practice on practice based commissioning projects
  • Providing advice on IT procurement
  • Moving practice premises
  • Cost rent and notional rent

Practice Development

We have been involved with the design, build and management of a multidisciplinary Health Centre in Birmingham. This was a flagship project which involved moving a team of GPs from poorly equipped premises to a state of the art new build facility. We assisted with:

  • The initial designs of the building
  • Locating a suitable site within the catchment area
  • The selection of a team of professionals including builders, chartered surveyors, architects and other contractors
  • Joint negotiations of cost rents
  • The raising of private finance
  • Computer and communication systems
  • Tenancies for dentists, district nurses, chiropodists, health workers, and pharmacists
  • The management of service charges and rents.


We can provide a range of statistics that can help GP practices measure their performance against other regional and national practices.

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