Independent Advocacy Services

This is a service that we have started in 2008, following a number of enquiries that we received from individuals who wanted to have an independent advocacy service.

They felt that they were not getting the right advice from professionals who were helping them with their care needs and with the management of their Direct Payments Funding.

By definition, as Chartered Accountants we are obliged by our ethical standards to be independent and act without bias. We are trusted when it comes to financial management and our expertise in the health and social care sector can help individuals with care needs to access the best possible services.

Our Independent Advocacy service aims to provide the following:

  • A voice for people who cannot speak for themselves
  • Assistance with care needs assessments by qualified practitioners so that the Direct Payments Funding can be agreed with the social worker
  • Recruitment of a personal assistant or engagement of a domiciliary care provider to provide the care
  • Negotiation of the care contract
  • Administration of the payroll system if a personal assistant is employed, on a fixed price basis
  • Management of the relationship between the domiciliary care provider and the individual to ensure that a quality service is being delivered
  • Management of the Direct Payments Fund.

The Government has pronounced that the Direct Payments system will now be the main method of funding health and social care.

If you need an advocate or independent firm to act for you to get the best funding arrangement and the best care for you, please do contact us.

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